Monday, January 25, 2010

Thanks A Million!

Ok, I must say that everyone who bought the blouses from me has said that they are great deals and really very nice... I might bring in some more but at the moment ----- everything is super SOLD OUT. Thank you so much and if you are emailing me again, please take note that Im finishing my thesis, I cant order more clothes for at least 2 weeks.... sorry. For those who keep emailing for more, I really I cant help at this moment

Among the 19 buyers for the blouses, was an elderly man (I cant disclose his name or nick name) from Germany, who bought every blouse for his daughter who has become a muslim. I am so touched when I got his email. His daughter became a Muslim and he bought her all the designs for the blouses and pants from my humble store... Im really glad to be a part of people's lives. Thank you.

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